Mere qualification isn’t everything, believe and keep going


Most of the time, I find it funny that organizations asking for certain qualification while recruiting Software Engineers. Qualification certainly doesn’t indicate that the person is just brilliant in mugging up things or really good at what he/she has learnt in the university. Exceptionally, there are people in the world, who are not bound by the qualification. Moreover these people are not ready to give up, even after being rudely responded by seniors or so called experts. With the strong belief in own abilities and with the attitude of not giving up, some finally do the miracle and the whole world has to bow.

A similar story, I came across on Youtube

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Visual Studio Code – Simple & Sleek


I am not surpized by the fact that how Microsoft is proving to be developer friendly, but by the fact that how fast it is riding on the Open Source Wagon. Almost every other day, the name “Microsoft” is getting highlighted in Open Source world, either due to open sourcing .Net Platform Or giving away Visual Studio 2013 edition for community. In addition to promoting things like TypeScript has certainly helped many developers, but thats not enough. Microsoft has come up with yet another fantastic tool – Visual Studio Code.
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Codeschool – Learning simplified


While looking at the website of gruntJS, I came across an interesting ad of codeschool. Clicking on the link, revealed that there are quite a few courses which are offered by CodeSchool. The courses are broken into series of videos and people can go through each level at their convenience. Each video is accompanied with challenge which helps to get hands on (thats really nice to check what you learnt).
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Ionic – Take cordova to next level


Ionic Framework While I was looking at Onsen UI framework and was in search of any other alternatives, I came across another great framework – Ionic. Primarily both Onsen and Ionic provide ready to use CSS/Javascript components, the baby steps are different for both of these frameworks. Ionic wraps Cordova commands, into it’s own CLI and provides additional options to create application from readymade templates.
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Google Material Design


Seriously I am not Android Fan, rather I had a experience of using Sony’s OS (don’t know name), Symbian, iOS, Android and now finally settled on Windows. Yes that’s true, I use Windows 8.1 in my mobile and liked it due to its Simplicity. Anyways, few weeks back while developing an android application, I got a mobile from my colleague to test what I was working on. Interestingly, the mobile has Android’s new mobile operating system Lollipop. I noticed that there are lot of new improvements in the UI and it has nice smooth animation effects. As a curiosity, I tried to explore more about the design and stumbled upon – Google Material Design.

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Onsen UI – face to cordova


Onsen UI As an experiment, I was trying to look for options available to improve default look & feel of the cordova application. After going through various blogs and forums, I realized that there are various options available to choose from. After visiting each of these options, I thought to gave a try for onsen.

Onsen is primarily based on AngularJS and extends HTML by adding its own tag definitions. For the behavior management, framework utilizes AngularJS. The website has plenty examples to try out, various controls that come with Onsen. Primarily Onsen has very rich set of components and it has been backed with good documentation.
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QTP – Identify renderers within DataGrid


Recently, I came across a problem in QTP automation – failing to identify controls within DataGrid. The problem was occurring with one of our legacy application, using Flex SDK 3.5 (yes, its truly legacy). The issue was almost driving nuts, as DataGrid in quite a few other modules were working proplery with QTP, while one of the screen was failing in object detection.
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GSON as JAX-RS json provider in CXF


While there are many frameworks for parsing JSON structured data, I was looking for a framework which will provide a generic object. I was expecting a returned object to be more like a property holder (no Hashmaps, please). I came across GSON and found it is the perfect candidate for what I am looking for.
But my problem was not addressed completely, I was looking for embedding GSON inside CXF as JAX-RS provider. The default implementation which comes with CXF, was returning a concrete object which was impossible for me to build and make available to the provider. Hence, I needed a way to configure GSON as JAX-RS provider and capitalize the features which I was more interested in.
This led the way to build my own JAX-RS provider using GSON. Fortunately, it is much easier with CXF to create JAX-RS provider and plug it in the framework.
Step 1
Create a class “GSONJAXRSProvider” and implement

Step 2
Override the method to parse incoming data.

public Object readFrom(Class object, Type arg1, Annotation[] annotations, MediaType mediaType, MultivaluedMap httpHeaders, InputStream inputStream) throws IOException, WebApplicationException

I have used following code to deserialize data

InputStreamReader streamReader = new InputStreamReader(inputStream);
JsonElement jsonObject = parser.parse(streamReader);
return (Object)jsonObject;

Step 3
Override the method to serialize outgoing data.

public void writeTo(Object object, Class arg1, Type arg2, Annotation[] annotations, MediaType mediaType, MultivaluedMap httpHeaders, OutputStream responseStream) throws IOException, WebApplicationException

And here goes code for serializing JSONObject to string.

PrintWriter printWriter = new PrintWriter(responseStream);
JsonObject json = (JsonObject)object;

Step 4
Configure the newly created class as JAX-RS provider in CXF. Refer following configuration snippet.

That’s all!

Windows 8.1 upgrade


I was bit excited waiting for new upgrade of Windows 8 – Version 8.1. I have Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro – XE700T1C model, bought almost 2 years back. The strong feature of this model is that it can be detached from the keyboard and has i5 processor with 128gb SSD. I found its quite handy while reading books, surfing, listening music and yes sometimes even coding Java-Eclipse. Overall this is the best purchase, I have ever made. There is only one thing that bugs me – is the keyboard docking. Anyways, lets move to what I experienced after upgrading to Windows 8.1.
Few months back one of senior manager has indicated in the post that he is bit obsessed with the Windows 8.1 upgrade. But I still thought of upgrading my laptop cum tablet without even thinking what was waiting for me. It was just a week old story that I started seeing windows 8.1 upgrade was waiting for me in the store. I thought lets just upgrade it and see what new features are available.
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