Keycloak – Role assignment using Script

Keycloak is an Open Source software built by Jboss. It is primarily targetted towards Identity and Access Management(IAM) solution. It takes away all the complexities of managing authorization and authentication. Keycloak comes with rich capabilities to configure security for a multi-tenant application, user management, groups, integration with identity providers like LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft etc.

Authentication and Authorization is a repetitive requirement and one of the most important aspect of every Enterprise application. The intuitive interface of Keycloak combined with strong customization experience, takes away all the difficulties. A rich set of community contributions is also available to integrate Keycloak with Spring, Angular, JavaScript, NodeJS etc.

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UI architect – What does that mean?

UI Architect required – The job opening caught my attention. I was a bit curious to understand what UI Architect really means and what they do? I know Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Principal Architect, but UI Architect was a very new term to me.

For most of the people, UI is restricted to HTML, CSS, few designing tools, graphics, and animation. It feels like with few colors, fonts, and pictures are all required to define perfect User Interface. We now have buzzwords like UX (User Experience), UI Designer etc. but then why this new role is required?

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Folder operations on Google Drive with Spring Boot

Folder provides a simple and efficient approach to organize files. Along with file management, Google Drive provides an option to create folders. Unlike traditional folder system, with Google Drive you can store one file under multiple folders. In the previous article, we have already seen how to work with files. This article will help you understand the basics of Folder API.

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File operation in Google Drive API with Spring Boot

A file is an efficient option to organize related data. With the nature of today’s industry, it becomes necessary to make these files available anytime, anywhere. With Google drive, one can easily share files with others. Unlike past, wherein a separate hardware like an external drive, USB pen drive, Compact Disk etc., was required to transport data. On contrary, web-hosted storage solutions like Google Drive provide lot more convenience. Because File storage is its fundamental feature, it also provides options to secure it from an unauthorized access.

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Typescript, JQuery and Browserify

So far we have seen how to develop simple web page using Typescript. To develop a big website, you must use libraries like JQuery, Backbone etc. These libraries help reduce the time required to develop some of the common requirements. But as we have seen, while importing references from other files, we use import statement in Typescript. This effectively gets translated into a call to require function. Unfortunately, require function is not built-in feature of browsers. Consider below example

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Google Drive API with Spring Boot – Step by Step Video Tutorial

When it comes to storing media files, documents etc. the most convenient option is to rely on Cloud storage solutions. Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, Box etc. offer user-friendly interfaces to interact with storage solutions. Access from anywhere, anytime, without a need of carrying any device, feels way more efficient. With the similar requirement, I was working on a project which is using Google Drive as a storage solution.

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