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Embedded browser inside Eclipse – how? what? why?

Eclipse is strong IDE and preferred choice for coding many languages. I have been using it for Java, JEE, PHP and recently started C, C++ using Eclipse. The strong plugin ecosystem has always proved of great help to get many things done at faster rate and in convenient way. Besides using Eclipse as IDE, I have also ventured into developing Plugins/Features/Product and you may notice few of my articles describing same. Few years back, I came across tools like Maqetta and online screen editors and off recently my encounter with Wix and Weebly made me think as how these technologies can be made available inside Eclipse. It was obvious that using SWT browser control, its quite easy to plug the tools described above. But to me, that’s mere hack and not delivering true Eclipse Plugin experience (experience similar to what Flash Builder provides with native component panels and clean editor area to design screens).

This lead to venturing into an undiscovered area of my technical experience but due to some reasons, I left the exploration mid way. Till that time, I had got fair understanding of SWT Browser and Browser Functions. Also I did cross ventured into embedded chromium but didn’t explore it any further and got occupied with my daily routines. Few weeks back, while playing with Wix, the long time sleeping dragon just woke up and hinted me to dig again as what options are available to deliver true experience of HTML editor inside Eclipse.