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Failed Architecture – Building medical patient record management

In the last article, we witnessed how a simple task of building a static website can throw some unique challenges. Every application has its own quirks which need special attention and hence an architect must not hesitate to reiterate the solution. An architect must spend rigorous time on investigating the functional aspects of an application. What may sound a brilliant solution for one problem, may not be fit under all circumstances. There was no better era than what we are witnessing now in the architecture space. People are discussing Microservices architecture, Event sourcing, Serverless architecture, Blockchain etc., each trying to solve problems enforced by expectations placed by today’s Problem domain. Choosing an incorrect pattern or architecture style will lead to many problems including rigid systems, unmanageable infrastructures, traceability issues, debugging challenges, upgrade chaos. The list is unending and most of us have already experienced pain at some point in time. With this article, we will raise the expectation bar than the previous problem and look at poor architecture built for Managing Patient Record, Reminder system.