Selfie Social – Advertisements done intelligently

Be it a party, get together or a small meetup, people like to treasure the moments and share it over social media. Got a new dress or a gadget, visiting places or done something unusual, people like to take snaps and share it with the world.

Technology has eased many things, taking snaps is just one click away and sharing it can be done within flash of seconds. With the rise of social networking, there are now many options available to connect with the people at distant location and share memories.

Looking at the pictures, most of the people have questions like where was the picture taken? what a person is wearing or where is it available? what is the price of the gadget or the jewelry being displayed in picture? People usually prefer to post their queries as comments or sometimes may contact a person in the picture, if possible. While all this may help to retrieve the information, it is not either available quickly or sometimes remain private. Additionally, the social networking sites have to broadcast advertisements heavily to ensure the inflow of money. Sometimes the ads are not targeted to appropriate user and more prominently it annoys the viewing experience. Most of the users also seems to be demanding that the content displayed to them should be ad-free. There is also a move to have OS level ad blocking programs which prevents Mobile Apps from displaying Ads.