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Quick Fix : QTP Debugger is disabled

I was facing this problem for a long time and thanks to my laziness, I didn’t spent much time on finding out the answer until it pinched me badly. The debug options in QTP installation was disabled and I was not able to set the breakpoints. The problem is not with QTP installation neither with OS settings and in my case, I didn’t install Microsoft Script Debugger. 😮
Thanks to google and I could find links, pointing to exact root cause. Just installed the Script debugger from Microsoft’s site and restarted QTP. It worked like charm!!! 🙂


QTP 11 – Windows 7 – Adobe Flex

When it comes to testing Adobe Flex applications using automated tools – QTP (HP Quick Test Professional) surely stands at no. 1 position. With its rich support of scripting and point-n-identify interface, it becomes very easy to write automation test scripts. While I was working on one of the Flex Application, I felt a need of installing QTP on my machine.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, I am using Windows 7 – 64bit operating system and I got QTP 11 installed on my machine. While I was in urgent need of doing some Automation related changes, I was stuck at the first place itself. While launching QTP, the Add-in manager was not able to detect the Flex Plug-in. I tried all the options suggested on various sites, downloading QTP plug-ins and blah blah, but none of them worked for me.