Raspberry pi 2 – Model B – 1GB – adventure in tiny box

Curiosity is the key to learn new things and it always results in discovering new things. Things which enable you and the entities associated with you, to stand apart from the crowd and showcase the unique talent. While one side of my brain is fascinated with learning new tools/frameworks/libraries etc, the other side always looks for adventures in electronics, embedded stuffs. Up until now, I was little restricted to just building my own PC (another article about my PC – WorkHorse) and never ventured into breadboard or PCB, my surge to Raspberry Pi pushed me to go for one.

When I heard the news about Raspberry pi 2 – Model B, my other side of the brain just pushed me to go for one and explore the other horizon. I immediately placed order for

1. Raspberry PI (2 – Model B)
2. Samsung EVO 16 GB
3. Pi Case
4. HDMI to VGA converter