Long time, no updates

Well it has been long time and there were no frequent updates on my blog. This post is not about listing reasons why I couldnt able to do that. Hmm, I personally don’t like to give reasons, as they dont give results. Well, I was spending time to learn driving.

Yes finally, I got one of my own and I realized that I aint good at controling on my own. So last 2-3 months, getting up early in the morning (I was supposed to wake up at 6, but as usual I used to get up at 5:30), driving for almost an hour, finding out all those mistakes I make every day and trying to figure out how to correct them, listening to what my instructors says, sometimes even absorbing the wrath. Well it definitely took, hell lot of time & lot more patience to grasp things that some people could learn within span of few weeks.

But all that efforts had finally started showing, And now I am somewhat in control. Still there are lot of things to learn.