M2Eclipse, Maven, Eclipse WTP and Managing Java Web Project with dependencies

In last article, I talked about using Eclipse plug-in provided by Maven and using it to manage the Java project dependencies. As discussed, it is quite handy and a organized way to manage the dependencies not only at the build time but while developing applications as well. [Remember developers don’t have to play treasure hunt to find out which version of Jar works with which release.]

While the application can manage the dependencies well for non-web applications, the Eclipse WTP plug-in simply fails to recognise Maven powered web applications (Note that you can build web application using “war” packaging on command line, but Eclipse WTP simply ignores such project.)

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M2Eclipse, Maven, Eclipse and Managing Java Project with dependencies

Using Version Control System (henceforth VCS) has now become an essential part of the development life-cycle. One cannot visualize life when it comes to managing project/product releases without having well established VCS. As per my experience (and since got chance to work with only VSS and SVN, I feel SVN is the better choice – simple, easy and most important free!!!).