Nord VPN – A big leap towards security

Having fun at burger shop or sipping coffee in a famous restaurant, how about pleasant holiday at some resort and make your mind fresh. Who doesn’t love all of these and with it sometimes, we expect at such places another basic necessity – WiFi (oh yes, it has been basic necessity nowadays – people cant rest for a minute without peaking into that tiny-shiny device – mobile). The post isn’t about whether its right or wrong to check your whatsapp messages or facebooks posts every while and then, but I am trying to bring another perspective which seems to be totally ignored by people while using WiFi at public places. Not everything which comes free is actually free. Beware, someone behind the scenes is watching over all the activities that you are doing.

We mostly experience that Free WiFi has been provided at most of the public places like cafes, restaurant, open places etc. and without a doubt in mind, most of us, go straight for it and connect to the WiFi. After all, its free! and why one won’t go for it, which will save hefty data charges. But for a moment, take a pause and see what happens when you use such services