Eclipse product export with features

Sometime back, I started doing a formal release of one of the Eclipse RCP product, I was working on. While doing the release, I came across lot of problems. My product has very simple structure and it consists of

  1. Plug-in (Core functionality for RCP)
  2. A Feature (Contains above plug-in)
  3. Another feature (To list all the eclipse dependencies)
  4. Product definition plug-in (Contains branding and workbench details)
  5. Product definition (Created inside above plug-in)

That seems pretty simple huh!!! But while exporting above structure, I came across lot of things that one may find useful. Let evaluate everything from the beginning.

Articles Eclipse

Still confused what to use – Flex Or Silverlight Or AJAX – Check Eclipse RAP

These days I am playing lot with Eclipse and its features. Be it building plugins, reading tuts & experimenting or exploring new features, every time I visit one or the other site, I find so many useful & hidden features of Eclipse. The more I try to dig into Eclipse, the bigger and deeper it gets and I wonder if there is an end.
Had some time this weekend and thought of exploring Eclipse and luckily I came across an interesting feature of Eclipse – Rich AJAX Platform (RAP). Some may find that this feature is not new and it mostly resembles to what GWT already offers. I leave that discussion for may be yet another topic. 🙂 Lets just quickly check what Eclipse RAP has stored in it.


Android Development – Eclipse Sneak Preview

Got some time to play with Eclipse and this time the experiment was with Android. Having heard a lot about this google’s OS and the way it is capturing mobile market, I was bit curious to find out the development tools and understand how quickly one can get into the development. Finally after spending few hours with installation and getting first application running with Android simulator, I found somethings that I would like to share with you. Just to make it clear, this article is no attempt to compare Android Eclipse plugin with other plugins.
To be frank, there was no clear intension of playing with Android, but I just stumbled upon Android full app part I article and thought of giving it a try.

Eclipse Flex

Flex Builder 3 – Plug-in Development

One of the best feature (yes there are many more) of Eclipse is extensibility. While it has been a most preferred IDE, not just for the development in Java, but for other languages like PHP, XML, HTML etc. building plugin for eclipse is pretty easy. The readymade wizards and built-in plugin templates makes life easier of developers. There are many other IDE built on top of eclipse and one amongst them – Flex Builder (or should I call it Flash Builder – version 4 has launched in market) is fantastic example of showing what eclipse is capable of.