Zohomail – Host your own @ email free of cost

Due to time constraints, many people are not able to launch their personal blogs or websites. But most of them still want to have a personalized email address. The reasons could be to avoid general spam on public domain email addresses OR a dedicated email address for official reasons etc. While these reasons are valid for individuals, it might also happen that small organization having team of 5-10 people dealing in business, may still need 8-10 email accounts (the number can increase, just keep reading the article). Going for full fledge hosting plans or buying dedicated email addresses is still a costly affair. Some of the email providers charge somewhere in between $30-$40 per year, per user for dedicated email addresses. So is there an option, which is viable for smaller teams and doesn’t cost much? How about just paying for domain name registration and the email boxes are available free of cost? No need to pay for every email account for smaller teams? Rich interface to access emails online and provides decent storage space?