Do we have right community?

I recently interviewed one technical guy who is supposed to be a good resource in his project. Since the guy has spent most of the time working on Messaging, I thought of asking some questions on Messaging and threats that exist for messaging (No I haven’t worked much on messaging, but as a habit I try to explore concerns that are not related to my work). The question-answer session started with few queries like the application architecture of the system, implementation of messaging and technologies used for development. Later I thought of getting into the security aspects and hence asked basic questions related to security. To my surprise, the guy couldn’t able to give me reasonable answers and not even aware of basic concepts like “Poison Messages”.

While the interview was over, one thing that disturbed me is that are we really having right kind of resources? After spending few hours analysing the cause of the problem, I ended up with following points
1. How well seniors (architects/designers) contribute to the project?
When a solution is provided for a particular problem or system as a whole how many so called architects/designers do really think not just about the context of the problem, but the factors that exists outside the context. How many times such people really think about the environment on which the application is deployed and delivered to customer and not just the application requirements approved by customer on a piece of paper? The inadequate knowledge or ignorance of such aspects by architects/designer never help developers (who are actually building the system) to understand system threats correctly.