Flash Builder Extension – Live Preview of Flex Components

There is no doubt Flash Builder is one of those IDE, built on top of Eclipse helps you to stop worrying about design time issues and gives a nice editor to paint your application screen. Over last few years, Flash Builder has got rich in functionality and now it provides so many utilities that aid developers to build applications quickly. Though this article is not meant for details about the features like Web Service binding, Integration with Server Side Technology like BlazeDS, ColdFusion, Managing DataGrid and DataGrid columns etc., one must have a look at it before spending effort on coding it manually. Well the Aim of this article is not about giving details about what utilities Flash Builder offers to ease development, but one of the strong feature meant for designers/developers which is quite not so popular. – Design View Extensibility Kit for Flex X.X. (yes the version is marked as X.X, because it has been there for long time.:)