Jboss Infinispan – Distributed Data Grid

Frequent database hit for a common set of data is definitely not a good practice. Moreover if the number of concurrent users are more, it is definitely a time to find out options to reduce chatting with database which could otherwise be handled using cache frameworks. As featured in earlier articles, Hazelcast is one of the option to handle distributed cache. While most of the features of Hazelcast are sufficient to handle cache operations, I found one more framework form Jboss – Infinispan.


Flex DataGrid – Data updates not reflected

Flex datagrid is nice option to display data in tabular format and with built-in features like sort, rearrange column position and customize each columns with renderers/editors, it makes developers life easy to built user friendly application in quick time.  But most of the time, those who have coded in Flex, must have noticed that the datagrid just doesnt work properly when row information is updated. Consider following scenario.

1. Datagrid uses ItemEditor to update Collection bound as dataprovider.
2. A change in value of one of the column, involves updates to values displayed in other columns.

In 2nd step, user may change value in one of the column, which will internally result in change in value displayed in other columns. One can easily achieve that using itemEditEnd event but most of the time the updates are not reflected. Consider following code