Free SSL / HTTPS Certificate with Lets Encrypt

Are you hosting a Web site, which will manage customer data? Is there any sensitive information getting captured on your Web site? If Yes, you must definitely protect your Web site and the trust of your customers by enabling secured, encrypted communication. As a first step towards enabling HTTPS is to install valid certificate from Certification Authority (CA). It has been a tedious process to configure secure channel and a recurring fee also makes people think about the cost of overall process. But thats not a problem anymore, if you wish to enable basic security, LetsEncrypt is here. I came across, LetsEncrypt few days back and found its the most easiest and hassle free approach to enable encryption for a website. And with few steps, I had a website with HTTPS mode ON. Throughout the process of configuring and hosting a sample website, I made use of Vultr, and LetsEncrypt offcourse. You can follow this entire process, without spending a penny. Lets start.