BlazeDS – SSL – IBM Websphere

No it’s not one more hate post against IBM websphere, but this time the target is BlazeDS. Few days back, we were facing problem while deploying Flex application on SSL. The environment used for the deployment was IBM websphere 6.1 with IBM JDK and windows 2008. As per BlazeDS documentation, there are very minimal configuration changes required to be done in services-config.xml and other XXX-config.xml files to use secure-amf channel.

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Webservice Session Maintenance – Apache CXF, Blaze DS, Spring and Flex

If Flex is dominting RIA world, CXF is dominating SOA world with its feature rich framework. CXF not only makes developers life easy by abstracting many complex task through a set of APIs but also adheres to WS-* standards without a need to having dependency on other frameworks.