Apex chart with Angular 13

Apex chart with Angular 13

Apex chart provides a variety of options to present data in a user-friendly way. The library comes with a variety of options including line, bar, area, column, timeline, candle, etc. In this article we will explore how to include pie chart in Angular project.

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Before we proceed with Apex Chart integration in Angular, make sure you have the following things ready

  • Generate Angular project (13) with CLI. Use the following command
    ng new apex-ng-13
  • Install a code editor like VS Code.

Apex Chart Setup

Configuring Apex chart in Angular project is very easy. Add Apex chart dependency using following command

npm install --save apexcharts@3.33.2
Add Apex chart dependency to Angular project

The dependency must be available for runtime and hence the install flag uses "--save". Once the installation is complete, import the Apex chart module into app module using the following statement

import { NgApexchartsModule } from 'ng-apexcharts';

// ... Existing imports

// ... Existing declarations

imports: [
// ... Existing imports

// ... Rest of the code
Adding NgApexchartsModule to Angular Module

You can also add NgApexchartsModule to a common module, which is imported in all the components.

New component

To add Apex chart, create a new component using CLI.

ng g c pie-chart

Open pie-chart.component.html file and add following code

<div class="chartContainer">
    <apx-chart [series]="chartSeries" [chart]="chartDetails" [labels]="chartLabels" [title]="chartTitle" [dataLabels]="chartDataLabels"></apx-chart>
Placeholder for Apex Chart

Though it is not mandatory, the apx-chart element is added inside a wrapper div. The apx-chart element requires a few properties to be initialized

  • series - Reference of data to be used while plotting chart
  • chart - Indicates chart type
  • labels - Labels to be rendered inside a chart
  • title - Chart title
  • dataLabels - Labels to be displayed over data points

Open PieChartComponent.ts file and declare the following variables

chartSeries: ApexNonAxisChartSeries = [40, 32, 28, 55];

chartDetails: ApexChart = {
    type: 'pie',
    toolbar: {
      show: true

chartLabels = ["Apple", "Microsoft", "Facebook", "Google"];

chartTitle: ApexTitleSubtitle = {
    text: 'Leading Companies',
    align: 'center'

chartDataLabels: ApexDataLabels = {
    enabled: true
Define variables for Apex Chart
  • chartSeries - Since we will be plotting a pie chart, the chartSeries variable is initialized using one-dimensional array.
  • chartDetails - It defines the chart type and any additional configuration that we wish to customize. Refer to Apex chart documentation for details.
  • chartLabels - This corresponds to a number of data points defined for chartSeries.
  • chartTitle - You can define this variable to display the chart title and set its alignment.
  • chartDataLabels - When a user hovers over a slice displayed in pie, a tooltip will be displayed.

Note that the type of each variable is referenced using following import statement

import { ApexChart, ApexDataLabels, ApexNonAxisChartSeries, ApexTitleSubtitle } from 'ng-apexcharts';

Demo time

Save all the files and run the project using following command.

ng serve -o