Google Drive API with Spring Boot – Step by Step Video Tutorial

When it comes to storing media files, documents etc. the most convenient option is to rely on Cloud storage solutions. Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, Box etc. offer user-friendly interfaces to interact with storage solutions. Access from anywhere, anytime, without a need of carrying any device, feels way more efficient. With the similar requirement, I was working on a project which is using Google Drive as a storage solution.

Drive API illustration
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The first obstacle was to integrate Google Drive API with Spring Boot based services. Naturally, my journey began with official documentation. I found it quite detailed with the ability to execute sample requests. The only challenge – the absence of step by step tutorial to integrate those APIs.

What did I need?

My requirement was simple –

  • An application will have its own storage.
  • A reliable way to connect storage solution.
  • The interaction with Google Drive should be Opaque.
  • Finally, All the operations should be executed on behalf of the Application.

I hit the first roadblock of choosing an appropriate authentication mechanism. Followed by how to use resumable upload, links, sharing, permissions …

Birth of Drive API tutorial

After visiting numerous posts on StackOverflow, going through YouTube videos and other forums, I could able to design the solution. I realized there are multiple options available to achieve certain things and those are not well documented. I could have saved a lot of time if those things could have been well explained by someone else, but…

But not to worry, The situation gave me an idea to create a step by step Tutorial. The series is targetted towards unearthing the options available to integrate Drive API with Spring boot project. The tutorial series is under active development and you will see a new video every week. Here are the first two videos

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