Ionic – Take cordova to next level

Ionic Framework While I was looking at Onsen UI framework and was in search of any other alternatives, I came across another great framework – Ionic. Primarily both Onsen and Ionic provide ready to use CSS/Javascript components, the baby steps are different for both of these frameworks. Ionic wraps Cordova commands, into it’s own CLI and provides additional options to create application from readymade templates.

Bootstrapping application from readymade templates will definitely save time but that can’t be the only criteria to choose ionics over onsen ui. Both of these frameworks has very rich set of Components, JavaScript and CSS. The frameworks also offer the possibility of applying CSS classes to plain vanilla HTML and there by achieve the same look & feel of framework specific HTML tags.

Onsen has a better documentation and number of examples for page patterns, something which Ionics must seriously need improvement. Onsen prefers StackOverflow as an option to respond user queries, while Ionics has its own forum. Overall both of these frameworks has their own plus and minus, but offer better options to improve usability of Cordova applications.

By Carbon Rider

Hi this is Yogesh, welcome to my world. Being passionate about learning new technologies and building frameworks, I end up spending most of my time in front of computer. But over last few months, I realised apart from being good coder and designer (Yes I am) I have something hidden in me. And thats called ART.

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