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Windows 8.1 upgrade

I was bit excited waiting for new upgrade of Windows 8 – Version 8.1. I have Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro – XE700T1C model, bought almost 2 years back. The strong feature of this model is that it can be detached from the keyboard and has i5 processor with 128gb SSD. I found its quite handy while reading books, surfing, listening music and yes sometimes even coding Java-Eclipse. Overall this is the best purchase, I have ever made. There is only one thing that bugs me – is the keyboard docking. Anyways, lets move to what I experienced after upgrading to Windows 8.1.
Few months back one of senior manager has indicated in the post that he is bit obsessed with the Windows 8.1 upgrade. But I still thought of upgrading my laptop cum tablet without even thinking what was waiting for me. It was just a week old story that I started seeing windows 8.1 upgrade was waiting for me in the store. I thought lets just upgrade it and see what new features are available.

Upgrade Size
After pressing the install button, I was informed that it will take a while to download a total package of 3.82 gb. Yes you read it write. The upgrade package is big, its not simple Service pack just to upgrade few components. It took almost 5-6 hours on home internet, but meanwhile it allowed me to continue working on other programmes. Once the download was complete, it started installing the package. Though it had green flat progress bar indicating the progress of installation, most of the time I felt it is just stuck. The designers should have at least given an option like “show details” which will indicate what is really going on. But nothing, I just left my tablet idle for an hour and yes it did worked.

Fresh new start
Once the installation was done, it asked me to restart the tablet. The restart took some time, and it presented me with fresh new login screen waiting for my Hotmail password to be keyed in. What??? Why, Hotmail password? Do I have to turn on internet, every time I start tablet and want to login. This is simply annoying. I don’t start tablet just to surf internet, but for lot of other uses. Unfortunately, I didn’t had an option and had to login using Hotmail account. But after few hours, I realized that once I key-in my credentials in login, it gets cached and subsequent logins really don’t require internet to be connected. If I key-in correct password and internet is not on, I am still able to login. Hurray!!! But yes, it can be a security risk as well.

What’s going on?
I noticed there are few differences in the some of the areas that I use daily like taskbar, metro home page, ie, keyboard etc. But after sometime, I felt that my tablet stopped responding to touch and it completely went into frozen state. I tried swapping all my fingers :P, but it didn’t responded to any of my gestures. I was bit frustrated and hence plugged Logitec wireless mouse (pebble) and started using tablet. The tablet responded well to mouse gestures and click operations, in fact the windows key on the tablet was working properly. After few efforts, I could able to get into Task Manager to see what is really happening and to my surprise one of the process named “Tablet driver for ISD…” was taking almost 1.5 gb to 1.8 gb of RAM. This was close to 40-50% of my RAM and after few search on google, I realized this was the main culprit.

Final relief
After visiting few forums, I came across a post indicating that there is a problem with the WACOM driver released for windows 8.1. It crashes suddenly and consumes lot of memory. It was advised to upgrade to latest version to overcome this issue. I thought of giving it try. The package size was 20mb and it did magic!!! My tablet has again gone to normal and it is working fine till now (it is merely a day now, but I didn’t find any problem).

While the upgrade experience was good, the things that came with it was a nightmare. I almost felt as if my tablet is now useless and I will have to format it and somehow get older version installed. But thanks to the latest version of WACOM driver, my nightmares didn’t come to reality.

By Carbon Rider

Hi this is Yogesh, welcome to my world. Being passionate about learning new technologies and building frameworks, I end up spending most of my time in front of computer. But over last few months, I realised apart from being good coder and designer (Yes I am) I have something hidden in me. And thats called ART.

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