Firefox 22 Installer – usability

It was just like a regular day and I was going through few sites, suddenly I felt to checkout if there is any new version of Firefox has came up (I check bi-weekly). And yeah, there was new version available. As usual, I tried to upgrade using the Help > About firefox menu and it showed that there is new version is availble. While usually it updates the firefox without doing much and just by opening About box, but this time it failed. So to get the latest version, I tried to download it manually. Hmm… and then I was bit shocked by the installer.

When I doubled clicked the firefox installer, it came up with following screen, leaving me clueless as whats hapenning
Firefox 22 Installer
Issues I think with the new installer graphics
To my surprise, after noticing the gray vertical line on progressbar, made me felt like there is problem with my screen or it just didnt repaint properly. But it wasn’t true, firefox installer was intentionally designed with the progressbar… It looks so worst :(. Why then dont just have two separate screens for downloading and installing OR have two separate progressbar one below the other. I really didnt like it.
Well, I just ignored it and thought to wait for the installation to happen (yeah, my office network is damn superfast :P, it takes hours to download something).
The story didnt end here, the installer had no intention to tell me what is the total download size and how much it has downloaded. The progress bar just kept swinging, go round and round. Hmm, finally I thought to gave up, as it was nowhere in sight, how much time it is going to take.
I was really disappointed with the new firefox installer. Anyone out there from firefox team, if you happen to stumble upon my blog, please take care of these basic things.

By Carbon Rider

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