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Flex Builder 3 – Plug-in Development

One of the best feature (yes there are many more) of Eclipse is extensibility. While it has been a most preferred IDE, not just for the development in Java, but for other languages like PHP, XML, HTML etc. building plugin for eclipse is pretty easy. The readymade wizards and built-in plugin templates makes life easier of developers. There are many other IDE built on top of eclipse and one amongst them – Flex Builder (or should I call it Flash Builder – version 4 has launched in market) is fantastic example of showing what eclipse is capable of.

While Eclipse is being so developer friendly with extensions and plethora of information available on how to extend it further, I am somewhat disappointed with Flex Builder extension. Well there are few reasons behind this
1. There is no enough information OR documentation available on internet on how to extend Flex Builder.
2. Though Flex Builder help contains couple of pages documentation about its extensibility features, it doesn’t seems to be enough and informative for the developers.

I am in the process of extending Flex Builder and after spending few hours in understanding how different editors – MXML, AS work within Flex Builder, I could able to get some insight of Flex Builder.

It seems I would be spending few more days (or may be weeks) in finding some secrets of FlexBuilder. Keep watching this space and I would publish my research on Flex Builder.

By Carbon Rider

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