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If you have read my previous post AIR Notifier, it describes a simple technique to display new window in AIR. While it is very easy to create new window using the technique described in above article, it certainly not the right choice for creating new windows. Applications which may want to have a centralised control over popup creation, customization of popup windows – will soon find it difficult to implement it. Well offcourse, the post just describes a technique for displaying new window, I thought of encapsulating the functionality and developing a convenient library API.

Well I have started working on same and soon will be releasing the library as opensource. Meanwhile, here is the list of features planned for libary.

Simple to code and requires minimum one line of code to create window.

Options to customize appearance.
  – Display close, minimize, maximize, resizable
  – Use standard or transparent interface.

Option to specify location of window.
  – Set location of window after creation

Unique id reference to manage window behavior.
  – Activate/Deactivate focus of window.
  – Dynamically minimize, close, maximize window.

Option to close all open windows.

Auto exit of all open windows on main application exit.

Watch this space for release of library.

Finally I am releasing version 1 of the libray and you can download it here. To see it actually working, you can download AIR source file by clicking here. (Note that the example just contain source files, you must create new AIR project and copy source & library files. To download source code of the library click here.)

By Carbon Rider

Hi this is Yogesh, welcome to my world. Being passionate about learning new technologies and building frameworks, I end up spending most of my time in front of computer. But over last few months, I realised apart from being good coder and designer (Yes I am) I have something hidden in me. And thats called ART.

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The problem i think is that Eclipse RCP have to cerpise the market target. The design capabilities is very poor and the deisgner/developer collaboration don’t exists. Il think is the reason of the Flex success.I continue to think that RCP have advantages for data centric applications and integration with platform and peripherals. Points that Adobe just begin to really implements.Actually all my development use EXSWT to facilitate UI development like with FLEX MXML. RCP depend of SWT and SWT need some more complex component. The Nebula project and RCP toolbox are good but not enough in front of JIDE for Swing and the Flash/Flex (Thermo) tools to create new components.RCP development is easy with Perspective, Views/Editors, Forms etc but the design and the look and feel have to evoluate if we want to do a goog promotion.

Yes you are right, Flex has been preferred choice due to its strong design capabilities available in Flash builder. Though, I feel windowbuilderpro may also serve the purpose to design SWT, Swing etc application (I havent used it extensively, but initial look gives that impression). And thanks for pointing out EXSWT, I heard it first time.

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