XUL, SVG, SMIL, AML everything under one roof – AMPLE

You must have heard of XUL, language to define user interfaces using XML. Till now, XUL has been a properitory kind of implementation supported by Mozila browser. The advantage of using XUL is feature rich controls, which are not available in HTML. While Mozilla claims that it can be easily ported across various platforms but the fact is, it can run only on Mozila browser.

Well You might have even heard of SVG, a language to create graphics and animation without a need of IDE but simply through notepad. Whats more, by the name itself, the images produced using SVG are vector based images meaning that the images will fit to any screen resolution maintaining its aspect ratio. But again you need to plugin supporting your browser to render SVG images.

Well the shortcomings of these languages were identified by Clientside OY (Finland) and they have developed a framework called Ample SDK. With the help of JavaScript now its possible to use all the above languages and develop your applications and that too without worrying about browser dependency.

So what are you waiting for click here to visit Ample SDK.

By Carbon Rider

Hi this is Yogesh, welcome to my world. Being passionate about learning new technologies and building frameworks, I end up spending most of my time in front of computer. But over last few months, I realised apart from being good coder and designer (Yes I am) I have something hidden in me. And thats called ART.

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