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It has been quite a while that I have been using Flex for Developing projects. I found Flex has been quite interesting and with new versions of Flex SDKs, its started getting rich. New components, skinning techniques and improvements in IDE has been key factor in growth of Flex popularity. Though I would like to admit that we faced many ups and downs while using Flex (well there are still some) but overall experience with Flex was quite good. Delivering web applications using Flex definitely adds value to the product in terms of look and feel & also due to its feature rich components.

But the only area where Flex has been slogging is having Flex appplication on Handheld devices. Though using “Flash Lite” applications can be developed in Flash and delivered on Mobile, I think the development using Flex Builder is quite faster & simpler than its sibling.

Offlate Adobe has started working on “Openscreen project” to develop Flash Player which will provide consistent runtime environment for all the devices. This seems to be good step by Adobe, as it relieves developer from addressing platform specific concerns while delivering application. But this is still not enough for deploying Flex Applications on Mobile platform due to its heavier size and runtime requirements.

It seems Adobe has understood the problem and to make Flex more developer friendly, they have announced a new version of Flex – Slider. This framework will be optimized for developing applications on handheld devices and there by taking full advantage of using Flex framework. Though Adobe has not yet officially released its build to public, the plan is to make it available in 2010.

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