Typescript, JQuery and Browserify

So far we have seen how to develop simple web page using Typescript. To develop a big website, you must use libraries like JQuery, Backbone etc. These libraries help reduce the time required to develop some of the common requirements. But as we have seen, while importing references from other files, we use import statement in Typescript. This effectively gets translated into a call to require function. Unfortunately, require function is not built-in feature of browsers. Consider below example

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Introduction To Typescript – Part II (Debugging, backtick and linting)

So we are moving ahead, with next set of Typescript lessons. The topics discussed in the Part-I focus on Typescript configuration and basic familiarity. The series now progress with experience from real-life project development and my struggle to make sure deliverables meet the quality standards. It is often very easy to develop something and be contained with the thought that we met the expectation. In reality usually what you have created may last for the next 4-5 years. Thus, it is our moral responsibility to adhere to standards.

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Unusual Graphs with JavaScript – Infovis Toolkit

I was looking for a tree based graph displaying library possibly in JavaScript. The purpose of this library was to purely demonstrate pure technical things but instead of just collapse and expand functionality, I needed something more which will catch user attention. While going through nearly 70-80 libraries, I found an interesting library which almost hit the bulls-eye.

JavaScript Infovis Toolkit

This library provides quite an interesting implementation of tree, graph based implementations which can be used at various places in an application. I will be using this library in one of the implementation I am assigned to, but I would suggest you to have a look at it. It is worth giving a shot.