Failed Architecture – Building a static website

There are too many articles, videos sharing experiences about the unending ocean of technologies, each with an opinion about how they built the best in the class software which eventually helped businesses to grow and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. In a quest to understand, what it really takes to build a quality software, I realized my initial experiments were nothing but series of failures. With each experience, I could gain insight about how things can be strengthened and how ignorance can lead to disaster. With the series of “Failed Architecture”, I will touch-base on various requirements and attempt to solve the problems. With each solution, we will also explore its trade-offs and how we can mitigate it with a better approach.

To better understand, let’s start with problem definition

Bob is a commercial artist and he loves to showcase his work to the entire world. He decides to build a simple website which will provide an introduction about him and his art. All the content will be uploaded at the time of building the site and there will be minimal updates afterward. Bob being popular around the world, expects huge traffic flowing to his site. Bob thinks Jim (our architect) is best suited for the job. Bob also says that he really not interested in administering this site, so keep it as simple as possible – no admin stuff.

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OpenShift – Free for life – Experiment without expiration

Cloud has become most integral part of most of the enterprises and many businesses are banking on the services provided by Cloud Service providers. The delegation of managing infrastructure to experts and focusing on the core business, definitely seems to be right choice. This trend mandates every developer to get acquainted with Cloud enabled systems and understand how it actually works. Luckily, there are many Cloud Service Providers, who are providing trial packages that range from 1 year long subscription, or servers nodes that wake/sleep for a duration or ready to go services without worrying about underlying OS and managing virtual machines. While various carriers are providing trial based services, interestingly one of the carrier is providing non-expiring cloud subscription for free and its definitely worth exploring for hobbyists and learners.
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