Windows 8.1 upgrade


I was bit excited waiting for new upgrade of Windows 8 – Version 8.1. I have Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro – XE700T1C model, bought almost 2 years back. The strong feature of this model is that it can be detached from the keyboard and has i5 processor with 128gb SSD. I found its quite handy while reading books, surfing, listening music and yes sometimes even coding Java-Eclipse. Overall this is the best purchase, I have ever made. There is only one thing that bugs me – is the keyboard docking. Anyways, lets move to what I experienced after upgrading to Windows 8.1.
Few months back one of senior manager has indicated in the post that he is bit obsessed with the Windows 8.1 upgrade. But I still thought of upgrading my laptop cum tablet without even thinking what was waiting for me. It was just a week old story that I started seeing windows 8.1 upgrade was waiting for me in the store. I thought lets just upgrade it and see what new features are available.
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I am lost


Long time, no see. Nothing came from my side, for a long time. Hmm, thats bit scary and even made me think, as what I am doing? I am bit lost these days, lost in the plethora of information, reading lot of books on topics ranging from Javasript, Java, .Net, performance, coding best practices etc. (list will not end and the backlog is still increasing). The sad part is I am not able to use my knowledge at my workplace and mostly it is fact that I must accept I am working in a country where management is more of value than hard-core technical skills (hmm god knows, I can tell you from my experience).
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Gearing up…


I was gone for a while rather for a long time. I dont like to give excuses because reasons never give you results. It has been a long time and there was no article published on the site, something which has been bugging me as well. Rather than saying I have been quite busy with work (which anyhow I will be always), it was rather quite hectic and something which almost drained my energy and an unfortunate visit to ICU made it even worse.

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Learning to Draw


Just came across a fantastic tutorial by Mark Crilley. Got curious and thought of drawing it myself and here is the outcome.
I am getting more and more interested in Pencil drawings, at least it is far better than playing with numbers and letters.

Long time, no updates


Well it has been long time and there were no frequent updates on my blog. This post is not about listing reasons why I couldnt able to do that. Hmm, I personally don’t like to give reasons, as they dont give results. Well, I was spending time to learn driving.

Yes finally, I got one of my own and I realized that I aint good at controling on my own. So last 2-3 months, getting up early in the morning (I was supposed to wake up at 6, but as usual I used to get up at 5:30), driving for almost an hour, finding out all those mistakes I make every day and trying to figure out how to correct them, listening to what my instructors says, sometimes even absorbing the wrath. Well it definitely took, hell lot of time & lot more patience to grasp things that some people could learn within span of few weeks.

But all that efforts had finally started showing, And now I am somewhat in control. Still there are lot of things to learn.
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My Quotes


Quotes are just ordinary words, but when you arrange these words they have certain meaning.

1. Achievement is not doing what you are good at, but taking risk in doing what you can’t do…
2. It is difficult to stay on top, not because you will fail, but someone will take over you.
3. It is hard to get someone in your life, but it is harder to forget someone you had in your life.
4. You are dead to me, If you don’t have reason for your existence.
5. I don’t know why difficulties always come in my way, may be to learn something new every day.
6. Why I have so many tough tasks to do, may be others can’t handle it.
7. There is no one inspires me, I would better build my own identity.
8. To win, you must feel the pain.
9. Ambition Drives you, Emotions distract.
10. Don’t showcase yourself, try to be what you are. Its always easy to pretend what you are not, but difficult to express what you are.
11. The most difficult thing for me, I cant cheat myself. Think even u cant.
12. You make a matrix, you define the limits!!! (My Favourite.)
13. Things never change you, you have to change urself. No mattter what you are now, let the world know what you can.