Quick Fix : QTP Debugger is disabled

I was facing this problem for a long time and thanks to my laziness, I didn’t spent much time on finding out the answer until it pinched me badly. The debug options in QTP installation was disabled and I was not able to set the breakpoints. The problem is not with QTP installation neither with OS settings and in my case, I didn’t install Microsoft Script Debugger. 😮
Thanks to google and I could find links, pointing to exact root cause. Just installed the Script debugger from Microsoft’s site and restarted QTP. It worked like charm!!! 🙂

Flash Builder profiler not working

Flash builder profiler not working has been like a thorn in the flesh for a long time. After trying out multiple options, right from installation and formatting and blah blah… nothing worked properly. Strangely it was working on few user machines and we had no clue as why flash builder is behaving in irratic way. The problem was mainly with Domain user accounts, as it was working properly for local accounts.
Finally I stumbled upon following link and got a clue… and it worked too !!! 🙂

Check the posts about home drive settings.

QTP 11 – Windows 7 – Adobe Flex

When it comes to testing Adobe Flex applications using automated tools – QTP (HP Quick Test Professional) surely stands at no. 1 position. With its rich support of scripting and point-n-identify interface, it becomes very easy to write automation test scripts. While I was working on one of the Flex Application, I felt a need of installing QTP on my machine.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, I am using Windows 7 – 64bit operating system and I got QTP 11 installed on my machine. While I was in urgent need of doing some Automation related changes, I was stuck at the first place itself. While launching QTP, the Add-in manager was not able to detect the Flex Plug-in. I tried all the options suggested on various sites, downloading QTP plug-ins and blah blah, but none of them worked for me.
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Flash Builder Extension – Live Preview of Flex Components

There is no doubt Flash Builder is one of those IDE, built on top of Eclipse helps you to stop worrying about design time issues and gives a nice editor to paint your application screen. Over last few years, Flash Builder has got rich in functionality and now it provides so many utilities that aid developers to build applications quickly. Though this article is not meant for details about the features like Web Service binding, Integration with Server Side Technology like BlazeDS, ColdFusion, Managing DataGrid and DataGrid columns etc., one must have a look at it before spending effort on coding it manually. Well the Aim of this article is not about giving details about what utilities Flash Builder offers to ease development, but one of the strong feature meant for designers/developers which is quite not so popular. – Design View Extensibility Kit for Flex X.X. (yes the version is marked as X.X, because it has been there for long time.:)
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AMF Explorer – Firefox Add-on to track AMF Messages

Flex Builder (now known as Flash Builder) is definitely a good tool to design and develop Flex applications. It has been quite a while, I have been using Flex Builder And till now my experience says that It is the best tool to develop UI. One having no prior knowledge of designing can still develop pleasant looking UI without a need of putting fancy stuffs. With rich features, Flex makes sure that you spend less time in developing UI.
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Flex 3 to Flex 4 Migration

While migrating Flex 3 (SDK 3.4) based project to Flex 4 (SDK 4.5 – Hero), I came across an issue “Cannot access properties of null object” (I don’t remember the exact error message, but it is somewhat similar). After running the application in debug mode, we found that a variable “_nonInheritingStyle” [array] declared in UIComponent is null and ActionScript tried to retrieve value from it. At first instance we thought that the problem could be related to the way stylesheet is loaded and hence instead of loading stylesheet dynamically, we added mx:style tag to the Application. But the problem remained as it is.
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BlazeDS – SSL – IBM Websphere

No it’s not one more hate post against IBM websphere, but this time the target is BlazeDS. Few days back, we were facing problem while deploying Flex application on SSL. The environment used for the deployment was IBM websphere 6.1 with IBM JDK and windows 2008. As per BlazeDS documentation, there are very minimal configuration changes required to be done in services-config.xml and other XXX-config.xml files to use secure-amf channel.
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