Adobe AIR – Window Manager

If you have read my previous post AIR Notifier, it describes a simple technique to display new window in AIR. While it is very easy to create new window using the technique described in above article, it certainly not the right choice for creating new windows. Applications which may want to have a centralised control over popup creation, customization of popup windows – will soon find it difficult to implement it. Well offcourse, the post just describes a technique for displaying new window, I thought of encapsulating the functionality and developing a convenient library API.

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AIR Notifier

Building applications with AIR is real fun and what could be more interesting when you install it on desktop and see it running. In last few months, I have seen many applications built using Adobe AIR. Nice, soft look and feel, great functionality, quite handy are some of the words I will use to describe those applications.

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Adobe AIR – Let RIA Breath


Over past few years web has become an important element of day to day life. Advertising a product or fastest mode of exchanging information or building social communities etc are the few examples we all know which couldn’t have been possible without web. While the importance of web has increased over the years, so the supporting technology has undergone various evaluations. Industry has always come up with new innovations to make experience of using web more appealing. The early days of Internet was using just HTML, Scripting languages and Images to present the information, the past few years has brought many new concepts like Animations, AJAX etc. What next, web got its new version Web 2.0 and has changed the definition for what web is used for. More and more sites are built today to ease the process of accessing information and making it more presentable.

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