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Welcome to my site.  I am Yogesh Jadhav, living in Mumbai-India and formerly I worked with Majesco as a Technical Architect. I am now working with my own venture and following my dreams.

About my hobbies,
I like to read fiction novels, playing cricket, pc games, visiting social networking sites, reading technical articles, playing with new technologies, learning new computer languages and yes making friends also (hmm I m lil slow in making friendship). Well apart from that I also like to watch cartoon channel (I wish I could watch it 24×7) and my favorite anime is Naruto – Shippuden. In last few years, I am getting mad behind learning Photoshop and buzzing technologies. Don’t know why but these days I like drawing and sketching and designing my own creative stuffs.

On a serious note,
I have worked on various computer languages including PHP, ASP, .NET, J2EE etc and various technologies like MYSQL, SQL Server, Oracle.  While in Majesco (before split, jointly known as Mastek), I worked on technologies like Flex, SPRING, iBatis, EJB, AJAX, CXF, Eclipse plugin development etc.

Hmm so let me now explain you why I have created this site,
1. It was always in my mind to have my presence over the internet and build my own site. Having spent almost 6 years in IT industry and working on web technologies, I was feeling somewhat guilty as I don’t have my presence over the wires.

2. To spread knowledge that I gained with my work experience.

Why CarbonRider?
Hmm, you may be wondering why I choose this name. To tell you frankly, here are the reasons for having this name.

1. Its pretty hard to find good domain name. People usualy don’t like and easily forget sites having someones name. So I thought I should not use my name.

2. Being passionate about knowing cars and with a dream of having my own, I feel this domain name suits to my dream. I finally got one :).

3. The day when I was frustrated after crawling through various names and finding the fact that most of the names that I needed are already registered, I just noticed my PC-Game DVD. It was written on that Need For Speed- CARBON. Suddenly a light flashed in my brain and I thought how about carbonrider.com. Luckily this domain was available and I booked it immediately.

I am a diehard fan of Naruto Shippuden, DragonBall Z and DeathNote. In fact some of the characters from these Manga/Anime, inspire me and has helped me to develop an attitude of never give up.

So dear visitor, thanks for spending time to read my profile and visiting this site. I will constantly try to improve the contents of this site and will try to help others by sharing my knowledge.

If you want to share a word with me drop me an email at Gmail or visit me at Linked In.

Till then take care, good bye.


  1. Nicely defined about yourself yogesh, and most interesting is how you decided your domain name carbonrider. And congratulations once again for your dream comes true of being creating your presence on internet.
    All the best champ !!

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