20 AWS VPC Questions

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AWS VPC provides finer level controls to segregate your resources with tight security controls and data requirements. Quickly build your secure infrastructure with Click and configure interface. Change configuration on the fly and ensure that services like S3 can be only accessed by your instances. This quiz focuses on some of the key concepts in VPC.

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Quiz based on Amazon Web Service (AWS) – VPC

1. Launching an EC2 instance in VPC restricts from assigning Private IP which can be persisted across Server restart.


2. Identify which statement is correct. (Select multiple)


3. VPC endpoint always requires internet gateway to connect other AWS services, NAT device or VPC connection.


4. Ryan Media Private Ltd has opted for AWS cloud to host their Website. After a recent incident they realized that their server is vulnerable to Port Scanning. One of their private service hosted on 9080 port is found to be accessible on Internet. The server also hosts a Web Server which must be accessible to public. You have been contacted to verify the network settings and suggest a solution. Your immediate suggestion would be…


5. Big Investments private limited, has a huge IT system comprising of hundreds of applications. Each of these applications are owned by respective departments (separate accounts owned by single organization) and require full control over their resources. All of these systems are deployed in one single VPC.

To enable control of resources by respective accounts in a VPC, ________ can be shared.


6. To route internet traffic for Private Subnet, you must point


Target: ___________


7. Amazon VPC does not support PCI DSS compliance


8. What is the correct syntax to route all IPV6 subnet traffic to internet Gateway.


9. VPC owners pay hourly charges (where applicable), data processing and data transfer charges across NAT gateways, virtual private gateways, transit gateways, PrivateLink, and VPC endpoints. Data transfer within the same ___________ is free irrespective of account ownership of the communicating resources.


10. VPC stands for ___?


11. __________ control inbound and outbound traffic for your instances, and ________ control inbound and outbound traffic for your subnets.


12. Big Media Private Limited has massively concurrent Web site accessed by 100K users everyday. Site hosts web server, application server, databases and some internal jobs for data processing. What would you recommend?


13. Hardware tenancy option enables you to select whether instances launched into your VPC are run on _________ (Select most appropriate)


14. ___________ is a highly available, scalable technology that enables to privately connect your VPC to supported AWS Services


15. What is a Subnet?


16. All EC2 instances must have Public IP address in VPC to communicate with services.


17. A VPC must consist of at least one Public Subnet and one or more Private Subnets.


18. Amazon VPC has following limits


19. Michael has been struggling to setup VPC for his SaaS Product. The VPC has one public subnet and one private subnet. He ensured that only webserver has been deployed in Public subnet and only http, https port is open for access. The application server and database is deployed inside Private subnet. The application server consumes third party paryment interface which is accessible over internet.

Michael requires your help and after careful observation, you said that

“To enable the private subnet’s Internet-bound traffic to go to the ____, you must update the main ____ “


20. AWS VPC incurs extra charges including the EC2 instances cost plus any other services deployed in VPC


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