20 AWS Lambda questions

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AWS Lambda is a leader in Serverless computing domain. With the ability to respond to events in milliseconds and infinite scale, Lambda definitely outshines other solutions. On top of it, Lambda is a part of AWS ecosystem, meaning it integrates well with most of the services. With this quiz, you can validate your knowledge about AWS Lamba services. If you are not already aware of AWS Lambda, the quiz will help you to get familiar with the topic.

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1. AWS Lambda functions are


2. AWS Lambda function can access only one single VPC.


3. AWS ensures security of Lambda code via


4. Though AWS Lambda architecture influences stateless architecture, one of your client has a requirement to share state across Lamdba invocations. What will you suggest?


5. Secure Access Private Ltd. has created a program in Java. After the discussion with Tech team they have decided to host the code on AWS. But they are stuck in a problem. That need to be addressed and their tech team is not aware of the solution.

“Program requires certain configuration to be externalized from Code.”


6. Lambda @Edge is …


7. Lambda@Edge is architecturally similar to using Lambda with Amazon API Gateway.


8. AWS Lambda functions can assume to have an infinite amount of storage space available while execution.


9. AWS Lambda requires you to provision EC2 instances. The health checkup and availability is managed by AWS.


10. Can native binaries be executed using AWS Lambda?


11. Insurance assurance Private Limited is working on the state of the art platform to revolutionize insurance space. One of the key requirement is to be able to integrate with disparate systems under Insurance space. The various integration system, may not be able to keep up with the rapid API development and may continue to work with different API versions.


12. Programs developed using Node.JS can leverage…


13. AWS Lambda only supports Java, Go, PowerShell, Node.JS, C#, Python and Ruby.


14. MultiGig Media Private Limited wish to process video files using Java (Multithread implementation) along with binary executable. The service will be exposed as a REST API and the company has informed you that they are primarily looking for the following requirement.

  • Keep Infrastructure cost low.
  • Should support auto scaling.
  • No state sharing required amongst requests.

15. Brigade Defense Private Limited has strict policies in place which ensure every activity is strictly monitored and audited. They are working on a solution to utilize AWS Lambda but not sure about how to enable auditing.


16. The best practices to develop AWS Lambda function is


17. John has been working on a Music processing algorithm. After many trials and tests, John could able to make a working solution. While performing these trials John realized that the program requires at least 9-10 minutes to process Media files.

John and technical team are very keen on using serverless architecture to host the algorithm. But having no prior experience in AWS services, John is concerned about the Lambda service. John has got the impression that Lambda service is good for instantaneous operations.


18. Which JDK environment is used by Lambda for Java Execution


19. Meme Private Limited has developed a user-friendly web application to create meme videos from a set of images. The solution has been developed with a small program that must receive a set of images. It will then convert the images into Video and upload it at the pre-configured location.


20. Amazon API Gateway invokes AWS Lambda functions asynchronously with HTTP Headers, body, HTTP Method, query parameters.


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