20 AWS S3 questions

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Amazon S3 is one of the industry’s leading solution for storing data. It comes bundled with a lot of features to meet various requirements for building enterprise-grade applications. You can easily host a static website on S3 without worrying about scaling requirements. Store contents securely and enable access to only intended audiences with the click-n-configure interface. With a user intuitive interface, you can manage your storage efficiently. While preparing for the AWS certification, I came across various S3 features which really outshine other Storage options available in the market. I have crafted a few questions which will validate your understanding of Amazon S3. Good luck!!!

Amazon S3

Amazon S3

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1. An Individual object size in Amazon S3 bucket can range between _____ to _____.


2. Global Medicine Pvt. Ltd. stores all its billing invoices in S3 buckets. Amanda realised that one of her colleague has recently deleted an invoice stored in the bucket. Amanda is worried about the event and contacted Greg (Cloud Architect) to recover the data. Greg seems to be very confident that the data is not lost and can be easily recovered.


3. XYZ limited company is looking for utilizing S3 as static website hosting. Based on the pilot program they realized that S3 can scale very well under load and looks to be a viable option for their needs. One of the architect recommended that before uploading the web pages on S3, they should carefully choose the region for bucket. The architect says that the prices for each region vary and hence there will be considerable difference in billing.


4. Digital Media Pvt. Ltd is a biggest Media producing company in North America. It has offices spread across the states and it leverages AWS cloud for its operations. One of its system is using S3 buckets to store data in Northern Virigina (US-east) Region. The company has decided to move some of the data for processing from S3 buckets to EC2 instances in different availability zone of same region. Also for few specific operations, the data need to be moved to different bucket in Northern California (US-west).

How Digital Media will be charged for these operations?


5. EatChips entertainment private limited has been producing Movies, web series for its audiences spread across global locations. They have recently moved to AWS infrastructure and moved their media content to S3 buckets. Unfortunately, there has been rise in complaints by the customers. Customers are experiencing very slow download for the media. EatChips has approached you for reducing the latency issues.


6. With S3 Versioning enabled on the bucket, how billing will be applied for the following scenario.

Total days in Month – 31
File uploaded on 1st Day of the month – 2 GB
File uploaded on 20th Day of the month – 4 GB

Assuming that user has uploaded the data using the same key.


7. Felicia generates lot of content on regular basis and uses S3 to store it. She requires data that has been uploaded in last 30 days. Data prior to the 30 days should be stored for legal auditing and it happens once in a year. What approach you will recommend to keep the billing cost to minimum?


8. Genova Research Lab stores it’s research data into S3 buckets. As a security measure, they have strict policy to enable only Private access and no public access on buckets. They have recently setup a VPC for one of its mission critical system. While developing the system, the engineers realised that they do require access to S3 buckets from VPC. What option you will suggest?


9. Jimmy is well known photographer in California. He is approached by many prospects for various assignments. To enable global access, Jimmy has uploaded his portfolio in S3 buckets. He has categorized his photos in different folders of S3 bucket. Jimmy realised that to impress the prospects he must share his content with them but not for indefinite time. One of his friend recommended ____.


10. The durability for Amazon S3 bucket (Standard, IA, One zone – IA and Glacier) is ____


11. You have stored more than 3000 objects in one bucket. The objects consists of PNG, JPEG, Excel sheets and word documents. There is need to transform all the word documents to PDF. You are looking for an efficient option to download only word documents.


12. Due to low data requirements, AwwFish Management Ltd has decided to use only one single S3 bucket for all its storage needs. The decision has been made to upload the contents by various teams in one single location and no folders should be created. Which feature of S3 can be used to categorise content as per team e.g. development, testing, operations, management etc.


13. S3 offers following storage classes (Choose all that apply).


14. Cross region replication requires versioning to be enabled on ______


15. S3 Standard storage class stores data across _____ availability zones.


16. S3 Transfer Acceleration is HIPAA compliant?


17. S3 Standard Infrequent Access (IA) offers ____ availability.


18. For storing archived content, which service you will recommend?


19. Christina uses webhooks feature available with Github. She has created an application which monitors repository activities and publishes report. Christina has asked you for a help and she wants to know whether similar feature is available with S3?


20. Multipart upload should be considered for uploading objects larger than 10 MB in size.


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