20 AWS Solution Architect Questions

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While I was preparing for AWS Solution Architect Associate certification, I went through many video tutorials. The certification covers many services from AWS portfolio. AWS has updated the Associate Solution Architect exam in 2018 to include new services and architectural best practices, including the pillars of the Well-Architected Framework. I have already published my experience in post 1 and post 2.

Based on the knowledge I gathered from the FAQ, tutorial, videos etc. I have crafted 20 AWS Questions. Attempt these questions till you get the perfect score.

AWS Practice Questions

20 AWS Questions to assess your skills for certification exam.

1. Network access control list in VPC are stateful.


2. BigPlane Pvt Ltd is an aircraft manufacturing company with factories spread across multiple countries. They design sophisticated aircraft with advanced sensor technology to track every activity at the detail. The aggregate of the data produced by the sensors until now is 15TB. To modernize the system and reduce the cost, the company has planned to migrate the data to S3 bucket. The current telecom line has 10 Mbps bandwidth. Which option will result in faster data import?


3. A logo publishing company has recently migrated their system to AWS and it is leveraging S3 buckets extensively to store the media. The company has a public facing website which displays the Art using thumbnails of large images.

You recently joined the company and while doing the review of the AWS infrastructure you realized that all S3 buckets are of the standard storage type. You advised changing the storage type for thumbnails bucket as these are generated from logo bucket. Which storage class you have suggested?


4. Amazon EBS volumes are


5. Route 53 supports following record types. (Choose 3)


6. You created a user “John”. The credentials were shared with John and he tried to log in to AWS Management console. Which level of access John will get.


7. You have been awarded a contract for Largest Insurance company to migrate their system to AWS. As a part of contract, you have created AWS account for the company. The headquarter of the company is based out of United Status, but they have few branches based out of Australia and you will need an AWS environment configured there as well. A developer has asked you whether he should create User and policy documents for Australia too.


8. Amazon EBS snapshots can be accessed using AWS CLI, console and API


9. You are working as a Solution Architect for a Digital Newspaper Publisher. You proposed to configure ELB to perform health checks on EC2 instances. What will happen, If an instance fails to pass health checks?


10. A user has setup an Auto Scaling group. Due to some issue the group has failed to launch a single instance for more than 24 hours. What will happen to Auto Scaling in this condition?


11. You have been asked to configure an EC2 instance in us-east-1 for a webserver. As per the company guidelines, all web server instances should be

  • Latest updates of software packages.
  • Must contain php executables
  • Should check if httpd service is started and configured with chkconfig.

What will be your recommended option?


12. The four levels of AWS premium support are ____


13. You are technology director for a global online media streaming enterprise. The organization hosts songs, video on U.S. based AWS regions. Due to the global presence, the customers from various countries attempt to access the site. With the rise in user base, the complaints of poor performance and latency issues are being reported heavily. You propose the solution to cache the content locally instead of hitting origin server. Which AWS service can be used for this solution?


14. TravelPlanner is a global travel agency with more than 100 offices around the world. The company is planning to deploy its systems on AWS cloud and has asked you to provide advice for better practices. You recommended them to use VPC with public and private subnets. But the DBAs from TravelPlanner are confused and not sure about where to place the databases. Which amongst below is the preferred choice?


15. ____ Db instance on Amazon RDS doesn’t support increasing storage.


16. The Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commitment is _____ availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.


17. You are senior designer in Online Image Media Pvt Ltd. Your company has bucket in S3 named “DesignPortfolio”. All the design layouts produced by the designers are stored in this bucket. Some of the designers have reported that they have lost the layouts and some are being overwritten in last few days. How would you protect layout from both accidental deletion and accidental overwriting? (Choose 2)


18. ____ AWS service automatically provisions resources based on the uploaded code.


19. Amazon RDS retains backups of a DB Instance a.k.a retention period, which by default is ___ days


20. You have a distributed application that periodically processes large volumes of data across multiple Amazon EC2 Instances. The application is designed to recover gracefully from Amazon EC2 instance failures. You are required to accomplish this task in the most cost-effective way.


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