Jboss Infinispan – Distributed Data Grid

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Frequent database hit for a common set of data is definitely not a good practice. Moreover if the number of concurrent users are more, it is definitely a time to find out options to reduce chatting with database which could otherwise be handled using cache frameworks. As featured in earlier articles, Hazelcast is one of the option to handle distributed cache. While most of the features of Hazelcast are sufficient to handle cache operations, I found one more framework form Jboss – Infinispan.

Similar to Hazelcast, Infinispan provides an option to use SQL like syntax to get access to data. This feature is convenient for those who prefer to have compex cache operations and select data based on conditions. I have not yet evaluated Infinispan, but after going through the documentation and articles, the framework seems to be promising.
From an overall observation, it seems that both these frameworks are growing at a rapid speed and offering numerous features.

Anyone interested in infinispan, can access the homepage by clicking here.

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